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By Senator Richard Burr: This week, when I testify along with retired Marine Master Sergeant Jerry Ensminger about the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) response to the Camp Lejeune (N.C.) water contamination, I will once again tell the American people of the hardships these veterans and their families have suffered, not once, but twice – the first time when they were diagnosed with debilitating illnesses, often cancers, and the second time when the Department of Veterans

By Leo Shane, III: Senior executives with the Department of Veterans Affairs misused interoffice moves to bump up their pay while reducing their job responsibilities, including one case in which a senior official received almost $300,000 in questionable reimbursements, investigators said in a new report released Monday. Lawmakers called the findings further proof “that VA’s corrosive culture extends to the highest levels” and called for firings of senior VA officia

The combat veteran served active duty from 1964 to 1968 in Vietnam.  He sustained hearing loss as a result of his exposure to mortar attacks and heavy artillery fire during service.  After service he made a claim to the VA for his hearing loss which was repeatedly denied on the basis that the cause was too speculative.  VSG handled the appeal and was able to successfully argue that the VA medical examination which confirmed hearing loss, together with his lay statements that hi

WASHINGTON – Participation in the joint Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD)eBenefits website topped five million users this week, two months ahead of schedule.  VA established an agency priority goal of reaching five million eBenefits users by the end of fiscal year 2015. VA achieved this early milestone through aggressive outreach efforts and with the support of DoD and its Veterans Service Organization partners.