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Last week we had the pleasure of joining the Vail's Gate STEAM Academy monthly tea party, hosted in the school library for 5th grade students. The monthly tea party gives students a chance to practice important life skills.

A big thank you to Mrs.Gilligan for the invitation, and to volunteers Ms.Patricia Gilligan and Ms.Sharon Reynolds for the delicious pastries and conversation.

Newburgh train derails

On Tuesday, March 7th a freight train carrying hazardous materials, including sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, and a number of other substances, derailed in Newburgh’s industrial area. The derailed train came dangerously close to striking surrounding buildings and parked oil tankers.

“We dodged a bullet on Tuesday as this accident could have been far worse."- Sen. Charles Schumer

Telemarketing scam and deceit

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill into law forcing telemarketers to use accurate caller ID information. The governor has also launched an initiative which forces state consumer protection staff to warn consumers about telemarketing scams and assist in the filing of consumer complaints. 

Take advantage of free testing

The Department of Health has added several testing dates to the existing City of Newburgh PFOS screening dates. Fewer than 300 residents have been tested thus far; while close to 3,000 residents (City of Newburgh residents and residents from surrounding towns) have requested blood tests to determine if they were exposed to harmful amounts of PFOS. 

Generator explosion

On Saturday, November 26th a Halfmoon, NY house was destroyed when it’s generator exploded. Fire crews were able to contain the blaze before anyone was seriously hurt, but the house has been deemed unlivable. 

According to officials the explosion occurred when the homeowner attempted to fill the running generator with gas. 

Generators are a popular commodity across New York, but can also be extremely dangerous. Below are safety tips from experts:

Fire destroyed buildings

In the early hours of Tuesday, October 11th a fire destroyed two buildings on upper Pike Street in Port Jervis. Firefighters responded quickly to the scene, which developed into a four alarm fire. Luckily nobody was seriously injured or killed in the blaze.

One of the buildings destroyed was a vacant property; the other building consisted of multi family homes and commercial offices. 

Authorities have yet to determine what caused the fire.

Nissan vehicles recall

Nissan has issued a recall for approximately 134,000 vehicles equip with Nissan’s Intelligent Cruise Control (or adaptive cruise control). 

The vehicle’s anti-lock brake actuator pump has the potential to leak fluid onto a circuit board under the vehicle’s hood. Should the fluid leak onto the hood the engine bay could ignite in flames.